About us

Golden Alexanders Native Plant Nursery was started in 2021 in Sarnia, Ontario. Our focus is on growing plants from the Carolinian Zone of Canada. Our goal is to have the widest selection of native plants, shrubs, and trees to supply any local natural landscape or restoration project with the appropriate plant material. Our nursery stock is grown from locally collected seed with only a small percentage potted from division and cuttings. We also offer landscape design and installation services on a limited time basis.

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Our team

Nick Alexander


A graduate from Algonquin College’s Horticulture Technician program in 2012, Nick has since worked exclusively in the native plant field spending 9 years working for Return the Landscape in Sarnia, giving him a very broad background in the native plants of Carolinian Canada. Nick has designed, installed, and maintained many different native plant gardens as well as some larger scale restoration projects. Propagating native plants has been the foundation of his native plant career and has become Nick's primary focus with Golden Alexanders.

Cheryl Veary

Nursery/Landscaping Technician

"This will be my second fun year working with Nick at Golden Alexanders. Looking forward to giving nature a helping hand by creating more naturalized gardens and bringing back wildlife diversity to Ontario. It's exciting being part of an important step to improving our environment. Hope you will join us in this challenge."

We are thrilled to have Cheryl back this year! Along with her passion for nature, she brings with her years of growing and landscaping experience. She is also the founder and organizer of the popular Fiery Faces in Petrolia.


Team Manager & Plant Irrigation

Ruby is a natural born leader. When she isn't delegating tasks for team members to do on her behalf, she can be found playing in the sandbox or the chicken's water bowls.


Erica is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, specializing in birds. Her passion is rehabilitating birds of prey and has been a dedicated volunteer with BCRR for 15 years. She works as a surgical nurse at BWH. She values the importance of native plants as the foundation of healthy ecosystems and is proud to help Golden Alexanders in her spare time with seeding, potting, landscaping, and website.